Schematix API

  A completely modern API

Integrating with Schematix is straightforward because of a robust API that incorporates best practices and leading technology.

  • Modern, fully REST-ful architecture
  • Complete coverage. Any data element in the system can be requested or manipulated over HTTPS.
  • Convenience services to rapidly perform common integration
  • Informative errors and messages using standard HTTP methods and status codes
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  Enterprise-class security

Schematix incorporates a variety of features both inside and outside the API to support smart choices and integrate with your existing security procedures.

  • Universal support for HTTPS across all API requests, automation, and the client interface.
  • Role-based access control using user and group level policies.
  • Support for read-only and API-only permission modes.
  • Key-based API authentication
  • Remote identity management via LDAP

  Sensible data formats

Translating between data representations is never pleasant. Schematix supports many data formats, so you can choose how you want to work.

  • Every API method supports at least XML and JSON data types, making it easier to write in the environment of your choice.
  • Get Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets directly from the API
  • Embed dynamic PNG images
  • Apply XSLT stylesheets to create customized XML formats
  • Request information in seven different formats: SVG, XML, PNG, CSV, PDF, XLS, and XLSX.
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        <date>2015-04-14 13:28:07.372123</date>
          <output type="echo">hello</output>
          <output type="text">CML interpreter v4.3.0 ready.</output>