Schematix for service providers

Schematix helps service providers deliver cutting-edge products and services

Schematix gives service providers the ability to provide high-quality documentation and visibility to their customers, whether they offer managed services, IaaS, datacenter migration, or consulting. Schematix is designed for rapid deployment and fast results, so you start providing value immediately.

  Rapid build-out

  • A Schematix solution can be configured and rolled out in days, not months.
  • Import existing data or synchronize with included automation to bring data into Schematix immediately.
  • LDAP integration and an invite system allows many users to have access configured quickly.

  Serve multiple clients

  • Flexible support contracts allow support-sharing and escalation to Pathway Systems
  • Partner licensing for service providers allows you to provide Schematix as a service to your customers
  • Bring Schematix into your infrastructure as a virtual appliance, or request special resource provisioning

  Total support

  • Pathway Systems support can assist in training and orientation for new users
  • Professional services from Pathway Systems can help you adapt integrations and special customer needs
  • Our professionals can work side-by-side with your team to ensure the highest level of support quality

  A tool for professionals

  • CML brings topological expressions, a command line, and scripting capabilities to power users.
  • REST API allows programmatic access and control using open data formats like XML, JSON, and CSV.
  • Administrators can configure views, permissions, schema, object and relation types, and more.